About Barking Cat Coffee

Barking Cat Coffee roasters, based in Pincher Creek Alberta, is a small batch coffee roaster dedicated to providing fine roasted coffee with rich and vibrant flavours.
We roast fresh, on demand,  and ship every week!
We make it our aim to source ethically from small to medium sized farms who share the same standards as we do, hands-on quality.
We are grateful to everyone that purchases our coffee, and love to hear feedback on our coffee and what kind of coffee you enjoy!


We offer a superior roast on our state-of-the-art fluid bed roaster. The beans are roasted on a bed of hot air. The end result is a more thorough, more controlled roast with brighter flavors.

It is for this reason that the fluid bed roaster is gaining popularity among artisan roasters, some see it as the future of coffee roasting.

Barking Cat Collection Coming Soon!


“We take pride in providing quality roasted coffee, we never rest from sourcing the perfect bean and developing the perfect roast profile.”